On this day…


On this day in 2011, an earthquake struck off the northeastern coast of Honshu, Japan, causing widespread damage in the country and triggering a devastating tsunami that instigated a major nuclear accident.

The radiation leaking into the ground water and the Pacific ocean is still getting worse as time moves on. This is something the world seems to be ignoring, at least for the most part. It’s going to wipe out life on this planet in the long run, unless they can stop it. Seriously it will. Fishing and other ocean related industries are quite aware of it. The radiation has highly effected it along the northwestern coast of America. From the tiny to the largest ocean lifeforms, nothing will escape it.. North American Tidal pools are dying and reports of whales and other creatures with growths and sores in the north pacific are becoming common.

ROBOTS sent into the radiation to try and monitor it simply melt down quickly. In the long run it will kill life altogether on mother earth.
If there is a God or benevolent extraterrestrial lifeforms out there, it’s time for them to come save us. Otherwise it will end here and we survive only if we are capable of leaving the planet, or isolating enough lifeforms in a sealed bubble to keep an artificial ecosystem going for those who will be here when enough of the ocean has died to collapse the natural ecosystem.
IF you’re religious stop reading here.