The wisdom of Manly P. Hall

“The well informed student of occultism is one of the most universally learned of human beings. He must be acquainted with all of the important systems of world philosophy and religion, both Eastern and Western, and he must have a thorough understanding of ancient sciences and arts. There is no place for the superficial thinker in this field; and should he wander in by accident, it would be wise for him to depart in haste.” -Manly P. Hall

Manly P. Hall studied everything he could get his hands on in Alchemy, esoteric studies, and was a Freemason. He traveled the world to find the secrets of all ages. He did it long before it was easy, or fashionable, and while it was still risky. He is my idol. I’m lucky I have the internet to study it from the safety of my home.