You Take Me There

How is it that with simple phrase

You ply the paths inside my mind

Transported back to younger days

My life, somehow, put on rewind

The colors of the scene you bare

The vast depth of your imagery

Pull me back to when I was there

And past is seen so vividly

These words you write with emotion

The beauty, with ease, you convey

Take me back to view of ocean

Coffee served at seaside café

You build this world from words alone

A linguistic architecture

Paint piazza and cobblestone

In the well-remembered picture

And with the invite to my past

You make an older heart still soar

Evoking feelings that did last

Though residing in the before

So, thank you for this lovely trip

Down a shaded memory lane

An opportunity to sip

A rare vintage that still remains

Written for short-prose-fiction by commonsensiblyspeaking. It is well said, and I wish I had poetry in my list of talents. I may learn to though. This is why I admire this following of poets I’ve gained. Hopefully a little talent will rub off on me.😜
What started with following my Tumblr friend Victoria (who likes poetry) a couple of years ago, has turned into a daily way of life for me. It’s so awesome to wake up to such great expectations, in this little corner of cyberspace. Thank you to all of you for enriching my life!