Do You Follow The Golden Rule? #SundayBlogs

Please read, enjoy and pass on. A wonderful message shared.

We all may know The Golden Rule, but do we all follow it? That’s the question.

We always seemed to hear people from different races and backgrounds that may say that you should treat a person (or people) in the way you want to be treated. Though, I have heard others mentioned this verse from the Bible (Matthew 7:12), but most of them doesn’t follow said verse. It’s saddening how someone can quote the Bible and tell others they should follow the “Word,” but the person saying it doesn’t do it. I know that it is a good thing to read the Bible; however, it’s even better to follow it. Right?

I’m not a Bible thumper and I don’t always go to church. Though, I have gotten to know God for myself and have read the Bible just not the all the books. I’m more into my spirituality than getting…

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