profuse desires #poem #poetry — Short Prose

rolling like waves on white marble sandsroaring like tigers looking for preyhowling like winds in gray towns of ghostsresting on sofas like courtesans… 20 more words

profuse desires #poem #poetry — Short Prose

I used to lift free weights when I was a soldier, and marriage made me lazy because I no longer wanted to impress young women. I got soft over ten years and the damage to my spine slowly caused stenosis in my c-spine enough to need pain medication’s. I guess I wasn’t the guy she fell for at 17. I learned she’s very selfish and a gay feminist dark Wicca Priestess, who’s now in a coven in the Newport OR area. I guess she also was not the young 17 year old woman I fell for in June 1983, and married on valentines 1990 after cohabitation long enough to feel I could trust her.

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    1. No problem. I was feeling flirtatious and wasn’t exactly professional. 😜 It dawned on me that I mixed up my timelines when I was talking about Alexandria burning. Only about 800 years off, so I wasn’t that far off. 🤣🤣🤣


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