Personal: Bi-polar issues.

Being bipolar.
On certain days were trauma happens, it can echo down the years on Holiday’s and Like yesterday , my x-wife’s 51st birthday. She moved away and kept me from talking to my son. My only child that I waited 10 years beforehand and she still did what I feared the most. So every year on her birthday I wrestle with myself about getting even. Its been 25 years and I still get triggered by my Eternal disappointment. So if any empaths felt something strange, instead of usually picking up positivity, now you know.
Gee Wiz.. talk about your good and bad days.
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AND NOW for something completely different…
btw Twin flames can have perfectly opposite days for the cosmic universe to naturally balance the sub-quantum particles between that are ethereal ties. So here’s your sign if your waiting to find your twin flame.