Puppy issues

I told my new neighbors to let me muzzle my dog before we introduce their pup to mine. I went in to get it and all hell broke loose for a moment before I got back outside. My dog is a asshole to anybody he doesn’t know in our yard, or male dogs that go by. His intentions are territorial so I can’t find fault in him for it, but he’s punished when needed. Rules about where he can potty and what parts of the yard to call his works with the previous neighbors dogs. He plays rough and tough and he has to be disciplined with tough love. He usually does fine with being timed out by leashing him to a door handle till he gets the point.

This guy next door does not know better or he”d have been careful to avoid a veterinarian bill. A 80 pound dog can do serious damage to another dog or human in a quick flash moment of adrenaline. A huge pacific islander plummer was scared of him and it wasn’t half as aggressive as this territorial reaction. My dog license and shots are a couple of months out of date. It could have been a very expensive and life changing moment.

One of my nephews got bit by a dog that was usually nice and playful with him next door. Something set the dog off and the 10 year old was ripped open from the corner of his mouth to his ear. I’ll never forget the look on what was left of his face that morning over coffee, getting ready to go do landscaping with my brother in law, his father. He drove him to the emergency room in a 70’s Dodge Charger doing 120 mph across Ogden city UT instead of waiting for an ambulance. That was a very scary day. A car pulling out blindsided by our speed would have killed us all. That guy wasn’t to smart either. Dumb luck on a lot of drug addled thinking.
His sister was my stony second wife who only wanted my veterans benefits.