Question is the first dimension of learning transfer to compete the tests with high scores

Taxshila Teachers

Question fear is amazing in perception and reflection. We know that fear is the survival factor of life but children may feel academic fear while attending their school. Students are facing mainly five types of academic fear in school system such as homework fear, teacher fear, question fear, exams fear and result fear. The solution of all these fear factors is the brainpage development of knowledge transfer in the classroom.

In brain circuits, fear factors induce the release of many neurotransmitters and hormones to prepare physical body for defense, reactance, adjustment and quick response. Amygdala is localized in the temporal region of brain that modulates fear factors in brain circuits. A part of the subcortical brain called hippocampus is closely connected with amygdala circuitry. The circuit of hippocampus and prefrontal cortex helps the brain interpret the effects of fear factors to take actions physically against perceived threats.

Be careful !…

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