Trump and the teenager.

I really love Greta Thunberg. A young teen climate activist who started with a sign outside the Swedish Parliament Aug 20 2018 and become a global voice for climate change. This short documentary tells her story.


The last time the two encountered each other, at the United Nations in September, she glared as she watched him pass before her in the General Assembly building. …
(Brief clip of smile to intense glaring)

…Photos and video of her expression spread widely, only to be followed by what was widely seen as a sarcastic Twitter message from the president.

“She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future,” he wrote. “So nice to see!”

Ms. Thunberg struck back immediately with her nearly two million Twitter followers, briefly changing her bio: “A very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future,” she wrote.

There was nothing so direct on Tuesday, when Mr. Trump and Ms. Thunberg spoke to separate audiences.

Mr. Trump celebrated his deregulatory agenda, which he said had unshackled the American economy, allowing the United States to build profitable new energy businesses and to wean itself from energy dependence on what he labeled hostile countries.

Mr. Trump’s impact on environmental protections has been wide-ranging. He has withdrawn from the Paris climate accord, rolled back a wide range of emissions regulations and empowered a bureaucracy that has sought to undermine the science of climate change.

The United States is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in history.

Mr. Trump at the Davos forum on Tuesday.
Mr. Trump at the Davos forum on Tuesday.Credit…Anna Moneymaker/The New York Times

The closest Mr. Trump’s speech at Davos came to environmental issues was his claim that the United States had the cleanest air and drinking water on Earth. In fact, the Trump administration has pushed through a plan to weaken clean-water regulations. And air pollution in the United States has worsened since 2016, reversing decades of improvements, according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University…..

Children who are aware of the possibilities they may live to see, care much more than we who leave it in our wake. Now is the time to act.