Ana Carolina — Via: virginiacarvalheira

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Ana Carolina — virginiacarvalheira

Ana Carolina – Problemas COMPLETA

Brazilian singer-songwriter
The song, it doesn’t auto translate very well.
Portuguese is intensely hard to translate,
it being rooted in multiple romantic languages.
A beautiful sounding song though.

Any distance between us
Turned into an endless chasm
When I found your voice strange 
I searched for you in me
No one will solve
Problems of both of us
If it’s so hard now
If a minute longer
Not even looking closer
I can see why it’s all so uncertain
Was it something I said?
Or something I did that stole you from me?
Whenever I find a way out
You change your dream and move my life
My love knows your every gesture
Words that your eyes only say to mine
If for you the war is lost
Look that I change my dreams
To stay in your life! uh
I’m sorry to say that I really love
It’s bad to disguise
Between the two of us
There’s no secret left
Besides what we already agreed
In the void of the things we said
It’s no longer just being friends
And when I say I don’t even want it
The sentence goes inside out
Means backwards
And when I pretend I forget
I haven’t forgotten anything
And every time I run away, I get closer
I get closer, and losing sight of you like this is too bad
And that’s why I cross your future
And make memories a safe place
It’s not that I want to relive any past
Nor turn over a twisted feeling
But every time I look for a way out
I just inadvertently come into your life