With this ring I promise you – Gabriela M.

with this ring 

I promise you 

I will erase the shadows of the slave trade 

locked in the heat of samba in the nights of carnival

coins put on the eyes of dead at funerals

-forgotten tickets of the unforgotten underworld- will shine like stars

with stolen leaves from the old olive tree

I’ll wash your temple covered by the sand and blood of the bullfights 

and mend the bones of sugar skulls spread on the Aztec lands  

I will return your boat to shore with one single I love you

in dark I will immerse your soul into the waters of Guadalquivir 


when the ocean laments in the purple of sunsets

the orange-yellow striping of green anacondas fades in dust 

when phantoms intoxicated by the worlds of purple belladonnas and of grass

grasp in search of a tomorrow that may never come

I’ll draw the road of love on your old navigation maps

the burning of the boats will stop

and moons will drop blueberry honey on your face and palms

with this ring

made from the muscle of my lively heart

I promise I will love you till the end

when you will travel the whole earth

in search of that which is the scent of me


A deep one. Fully enjoying feels.

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