Daily Suspicious0bservers

I’ve been rather “unplugged” for awhile and still trying to change my online habits to a more creative mode. I think doing a every morning post including the daily Suspicious0bservers video cast that includes solar effects on planetary weather, and their even forecasting potential earthquake hot spot’s with the actual solar energy that’s effecting the planet. The various satellites that are open source show a lot, and when combined by a person who knows how it all comes together and shown in a visual way its highly understandable. Ben does his best to put things in laymen’s terms and presents a very conclusive news report every morning. Most people have no idea how much is effected by the varying solar energies. Many different things are effecting our planets weather and he’s based his whole business on getting the truth about the weather, and climate change, and presents the scientific truth as he sees it.
Posting the Suspicious0bservers forecast diligently would be a great cornerstone to build my daily blogging habits on. I may do it as a daily start for a few other blogs on certain days, like I’ve done at tumblr for years off and on, but daily on my WordPress to get my day going right, I think is a perfect fit for building this blog.