Electrogravitics: A reality?

Could Anti-gravity Spacecraft Really be Possible? Here are some ideas about
the possibility of secret military applications of advanced electrogravitic propulsion and what has been proven to work. Here’s a Wiki link for explanation for people who have never heard about it.

Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrogravitics
The Curious Droid YouTube Channel is highly professional videos that is a vehicle for a science website (for educational purposes) at brilliant.org/curiousdroid explains much about what is and is not real.

Gaia.com teaser on Electrogravitics via Zohar StarGate

Here is another sort of layman’s terms explanation of the actual forces that have been shown to work, and the best way to visualize – imagine it, but delves deeper than the mainstream. There are real results from researchers from Nicola Tesla’s time and up until the last decade. Gaia channel is always trying to show what mainstream media hides due to political influences in control of programming and is well worth the monthly subscription price.
There is a lot of interest in the possible gov secrets of military black budget research of anti-gravity propulsion but the word is a misnomer. Gravity is yet to be fully understood, but science research has proven things they don’t want us to know, just like with Tesla. There are a lot of people who claim the government started back engineering it in the 50 years or more, from crashed disks in the 1940’s. I’m thinking I may devote a whole page to it.
I have a collection of favorites at YouTube that shows a whole lot of proof if viewed together one after another.