Alchemical version 1.2

Hi! I’m Alan.

Welcome to my new (first) WordPress home blog.
I have been blogging at Tumblr for a long time, and have had over a dozen blogs defined by content, for as many years. Sadly I’ve gotten fed up, and bored of Tumblr because of complications arising from changing ownership (see the fine print below), but I did keep a few and will be interlinking a few of them with this blog. Alchemical One, Tumblr is new and it will be the sister site and have similar content. Primarily (but not limited to), Quotes, Poetry, Science, Philosophy, Climate Change, and Ascension Alchemy.
Thank you so much to those who have followed me! If you haven’t yet followed me, please consider following my blog. I always follow back. I am very eclectic and have much to share. Followers are the greatest motivation! In fact the whole reason we bloggers do it right. So click that button, you have nothing to loose. Every single follower is important to me, and it all counts so much at a brand new blog. So please, click that button if you like any of the stated content of this blog. I will be marking, tagging, and key-wording everything for easy access.

Yeah about Tumblr/Yahoo, they even terminated my ARMY VETERAN blog and an inspirational quote blog like this one that had nearly 10,000 followers gathered over as many years. It was payback for persuading my followers to ask staff not to implement their upcoming policy changes. Yahoo bought Tumblr for one billion dollars and then destroyed it trying to make it child safe. Why they simply didn’t implant a proof of age for adult content system, like most art blogging domains is beyond me. They put up a flagging system and made it a two step process to see the flagged adult content, making it a sidebar feed so you can’t see much before the browser gets memory saturated, because banning every adult blog would have brought their user numbers down by an extremely high number so their a bunch of hypocrites.
Also, I would like opinions, hints, and Critique on my theme design. Don’t be afraid to use the like button and comment box below. I will be changing the look and feel constantly. I find the use of html language to be good practice for strengthening memory retention. Learning any language is supposed to be good for memory. I’m trying to pick up some French and Russian. I’m not good at it, but it’s sort of fun, and I’m starting to have serious memory issues due to medications, and advancing middle age. I’m getting old physically but my heart is forever young. I’m like the oldest young adult you’ll ever meet. Learning new things is the hardest thing I’ve ever loved. 🙃

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